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Faculty & Staff

Faculty Resources

Assignments for Students in ISS
  • All teachers will have the option of emailing their assignments for those students assigned to In-School Suspension. Send all assignments to PHSISS (found under the "P" listings) in a timely manner.
Posting Announcements
  • If you would like announcements posted on the flat screen in the cafeteria, please contact Mr. Ullman.
Faculty & Staff Fund
  • Please consider becoming a member of our Faculty & Staff Fund. Checks are being accepted at this time. $35.00 for the year takes care of so many obligations during the school year! Thank you.
Project Excel
  • Please donate to Project Excel. Donations are accepted all year. Donations can be sent to Project Excel Donations at Platt High School attention : Mr. Manc
Library Notes

This is just a reminder of the usernames and passwords for our library subscription databases:

  • Grolier Online Encyclopedia:
    Username: platto
    Password: panthers
  • Library Reference Service Database:
    Username: platto
    Password: panthers
  • United Streaming Video Database:
    Username and password: Set up your own online or see me for help.

N.B. All three databases are accessible from home for teachers, while the first two are accessible from home for students (teachers can set up assignments for students to access from home for United Streaming).