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Personalized Learning Experience Forms and Postings


Personalized Learning Experience (Earn Credit Outside of School)

Looking for students who may be interested in the following opportunities:
Students must be 16 if they are involved in a "non school district" site

*** New Postings ***

CURRENT AFTER SCHOOL OPPORTUNITIES credits: .25, .50, 1.0 (depending on hours)
Contact Mrs. Volo for further information (room 196) or email: marisa.volo@meridenk12.org

Meriden Historical Society: for those with an interest in history, with particular emphasis on Meriden history
Assistants needed: Independent research involved with weekly check-ins at the site
1. Children's Display – what was childhood like in Meriden in the 1800s?
2. History of clubs in Meriden (Rotary, Kiwanis, Women's Club, etc) – How did these clubs start? What types of events/activities were done?
3. Taking old films and digitizing
Must be at least 16

Cooking and Gardening Club for children assistant: for those interested in cooking/gardening and working with children at Thomas Hooker Elem School, Thursdays 2:50-4:45. Assistant to the Club Adviser. Cooking healthy food and snacks during winter months. Spring will learn about soil, composting, and gardening. 

Activities Assistant/Homework Tutor

Daily at Hale, Hanover, Pulaski
Hours can vary depending on how much credit they are looking for
(Students must be 17 for this) 

Teacher assistant for afterschool program 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 3:30-5 for the whole school year (can be split into 1/2 year if needed)

Photography - working with QRWA
Combination of photography and nature interest
photographing the flora and fauna of the trails and documenting how they change through the seasons
independent research finding info about each species to be used as signage along the trail, brochure info, or video to be linked on their website

Do you have an interest you would like to pursue? See Mrs. Volo to discuss and find opportunities that match your interests!