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National Honor Society

 National Honor Society Officers


Vice President:  



Social Media Executive: 

Club Adviser:  Mr. Warner


The main objectives of the National Honor Society are to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character.


Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better are notified that they have reached eligibility. They are then reviewed by faculty for excellence in character, leadership, and service. Chosen applicants are then notified of their acceptance. Induction is held once a year, in the spring.

National Honor Society Announces New Members

The Platt High School Faculty Council wishes to congratulate the following students who have been selected for membership in the Anna T. Doyle Chapter of National Honor Society.  To be selected for membership in NHS, a student must demonstrate excellence in four areas: academics, character, service, and leadership.


The following students are the 2017 selection: Machaila Arjavich, Carson Coon, Gillian Galotti, Caroline Gonzalez, Muhammed Hamden, Shakhodat Khanbabaeva, Julia Kudewicz, Jessica Laracuente, Erika Lopez, Michaela Nelson, Jacob Parker, Julliann Pellegrino, Marielle Perreault, Benjamin Ruben, Brianna Chaparro, Pamela Karabeinikoff, Anthony Ruiz, and Ishani Patel.


The following students are the 2016 selection: Mohammed Barmo, Tracy Becker, Julius Cruz, Nico D'Avanzo, Emily Elderkin, Angela Evans, Shaharia Ferdus, Kathryn Filippides, Johniah Gomez, Tamra Gonyea, Alex Hernandez, Breanna Karabeinikoff, Bryan Keene, Callie Lattman, Gabriella Mercado, Lindsey Mercurio, Amelia Mirabello, Shiv Patel, Brian Peach, Aislinn Quinn, Sierra Reynolds, Yarisel Santos, Paul Serio, Drew Siebert, Ashley St. Pierre, Gabriela Vazquez, Johnathan, Velasquez, and Emily Wozniack.

The following students are the 2015 selection: Tristan Arjavich, Kayzia Cividanes, Sophia Corey, Paige DeLuca, Hayley Dudley, Melony Edwards, Sydney Fogarty, Rachel Greenberg, Emily Kelly, Angelique Lopez, Karissa Massicott, Matthew Mordarski, Sierra Pettway, Emmely Rogers, Edwin Roman, Allison Salafia, Jacqualyn Townsend and Destiny West.



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