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Youth and Government Results 2018


Youth and Government Results 2018
What a year!  The Youth And Government State Conference started out with our keynote speaker State Comptroller Kevin Lembo who discussed why he got involved in politics, “Instead of trying to push the door open for others, I got elected and opened it from the inside.”  He spoke to our youth about being involved now more than ever.
From there Youth Governor Carson Coon, Lt. Governor Cameron Germe, Speaker of the House Muhammad Hamdan and Attorney General Demetre Carnot led and ran the conference for the weekend, whether it was leading debate, judging youth and law, or signing bills, our students shined.  
Our students debated bills ranging from opiods to educational coast spending.  We had four Meriden students nominated for office. Sar’Ja Jenkins for Speaker of the House, Matt Bahre for Attorney General, Deandre Riddle for Secretary of State and Lt. Governor Cameron Germe for Governor.  The students gave speeches and campaigned. It is not an easy thing to put yourself out there sometimes and these students should be congratulated. We would like to announce that Lt.Governor Cameron Germe has been elected to be the 75th Youth Governor of the Youth And Government program.  It was a nice moment watching Carson Coon announce Cameron.
Debbie Banas and I were also recognized with other advisors for providing over ten years of service.  We would like to thank everyone for all their support. We all will be wearing our Youth And Government shirts tomorrow, please ask our students about the weekend.  They are inspiring human beings!!!!
James Flynn, Debbie Banas, Mark Thornton, Chris Watson
Below is a list of awards and bills that were signed into laws, and links to our students speeches….give them a watch it is worth it!
Best Debater Award
Senator Ben Ruben of Charter Oak House
Youth In Law Semi Finalists
Matt Bahre and Isabel Frazza
Best Written Bill
4044N Sar’Ja Jenkins and Naomi Rosado
An Act Concerning the Age Requirement to Purchase Tobacco Products
Bills Signed Into Law by Governor Carson Coon
Meriden has 7 bills turned into laws out of 19 total bills signed into law.
4038C Kadee Nowicky
An Act Concerning Sexual Misconduct by Deception
4042C Gillian Galotti and Ben Ruben
An Act to Ban Private Prisons
4001C Cameron Germe
An Act Concerning Food Waste From Retail Grocers
4031C Deandre Riddle and Alissa Hoffman
An Act Concerning Anti-Bullying
4013C Muhammad Hamdan and Jalen Rojas
An Act Concerning Unsold Merchandise of Supermarkets
4017N Anna Hendrickson
An Act Concerning the Safety of Students and the Education of Teachers
4002C Anne  Bekasi and Skyler Drost
An Act Concerning Paid Maternity Leave
Sar’ Jenkins part 1 part 2
Matt Bahre
Deandre Riddle
Cameron Germe

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