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School Counseling

Welcome to the School Counseling Department of O.H. Platt High School. Here you will find information on SATs, scholarships, announcements, community service and other related topics. If you are looking for something and cannot find it, please do not hesitate to call the Director of School Counseling, Marc Guidone, at 235-7962, ext. 7702.

**Attention Colleges or Universities**  Any College or University interested in visiting Platt High School this fall can make an appointment on repvisits.com.  If you have questions or need to speak with our School Counseling staff please contact Missy McCoy at 203-235-7962.   http://repvisits.com

There are many educational opportunities available to you after you complete high school. These include attending college and/or career/technical schools, serving in the military, performing an apprenticeship, and entering the work force.

The School Counseling Staff will assist you in preparing for your post -high school experience.

School Counseling Staff

  • Guidone, Marc - Director of School Counseling - ext. 7502
  • Fleming, Jennifer - School Counselor (9th Grade Transition Specialist) - ext. 7506
  • Frederick, Brian - School Counselor - ext. 7505
  • LaPlante, Marisa - School Counselor (9th Grade Transition Specialist) - ext. 7507
  • Lombardo, Keith - School Counselor - ext. 7508
  • Mona, Kristin - School Counselor - ext. 7503 (Kozma, Tarra - Long-term substitute)
  • Ojeda, Sheena - School Counselor - ext. 7504
  • Dwyer, Michelle - School Psychologist - ext. 7510
  • Borelli, Margaret - School Social Worker - ext. 7509
  • Kohan, Debbie - Transition Coordinator - (203) 213-6024
  • Paul, Ellen - Student Assistance Coordinator - ext. 7512
  • Marcantonio, Abby - College and Career Coordinator (Career Center) - ext. 7405

Attention Seniors – Some of you are already hearing from colleges regarding college acceptances.  Congratulations! Please remember to tell your counselor when you are accepted to a college so you can be recognized on our WALL OF FAME !


Graduation/Promotion Requirements