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College Search/Application Process

Useful Links for the College Search and Application Process: 

Big Futures by CollegeBoard-- Allows you to seach for schools by selectivity, type, location, majors, sports, cost, etc; learn about their requirements; and see how you stack up to the competition.

Peterson's Guide to College-- Get matched to schools by types, location, and major; includes articles/information on scholarships and test preparattion/practice.

College View-- Matches you to schools based on over 20 parameters (i.e., cost, location, type, etc.); includes application information for each school and financial aid opportunities.

College Confidential-- Matches you to schools based on a variety of criteria; includes free resources and tools for students and parents, including scholarships searches, financial aid calculators, and more.

Naviance-- Matches you to schools based on a vareity of criteria; includes scholarship searches both local and national, you will list colleges/universities you will be applying, request teacher recommendations, request transcripts and match your common app and naviance accounts.  

The Common App-- Allows you to apply to multiple colleges simultaneously; includes over 500 colleges and universities across the country.