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About Platt

O.H. Platt High School Expectations

The Platt student will:

  • Demonstrate understanding and respect for our pluralistic and multicultural community
  • Meet the demands of the changing employment market by demonstrating skills and knowledge in career preparation
  • Effectively communicate and respond to ideas through writing, speaking, and performance skills
  • Take responsibility for his or her learning by demonstrating school citizenship and personal growth
  • Understand that education reflects and illuminates multicultural experiences, motives, conflicts, and values
  • Demonstrate the ability to be an autonomous learner and problem solver through research techniques and the use of technology
  • Understand and participate in a physically active and healthy lifestyle
  • Meet academic standards prescribed by federal, state, and local mandates

"Educational Excellence through School Improvement"

The opening of the Orville H. Platt High School in September, 1958, marked the culmination of planning and working together by parents, teachers and other members of the community. The overcrowding problem at Meriden High School was solved by the construction of two schools, one on each side of town.

Platt High School, and its sister school Francis T. Maloney, were then built. They were equipped to serve the needs of its students and the community, with facilities in the physical and natural sciences, social studies, ancient and modern languages, literature, art, music, home economics, industrial arts, and business education. The building also housed and excellent school library, cafeteria, gymnasium, and auditorium.

In September of 1970, an addition to the building was completed containing additional classrooms, a new library, a swimming pool, a graphic arts department, a swimming pool, a second gymnasium, and expanded cafeteria facilities. O.H. Platt High School, an academic center for intellectual and emotional development, is structured to address the individual needs and goals of its students. We are committed to academically challenging programs for all students. Our competitive society requires that students have the knowledge, skills, and creativity to meet the challenges of the future.