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Connecticut Digital Library

Access from home, school or public library:

Access from school only:

Both sites provide excellent resources:

  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • Periodicals
  • New York Times
  • Hartford Current
  • Professional Collection
  • Business & Company Resources
  • Health & Wellness Resources
  • Wilson Biographies
  • And many other databases

Please take advantage of these wonderful resources for all your research work.

We currently have a free trial of Newsbank Infoweb, an online full-test news resource of regional, national and international sources. You can access this at:

The username and password are both perlot (lower case). Teachers and students may access this through November 8th.

The subscription rate for this is too expensive for our present budget but I'd still be interested in your feedback if you use this site for any research. Thanks!

- Mary Lou Perlot