Unclassmen Picture Day Sept 25th and 26th********Freshmen Welcome Dinner - Sept 26th 6pm  [+]

Freshmen Welcome Dinner will be held in our cafeteria Wednesday. Sept 26th 6pm

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Restorative Practices Student Page

At Platt High School we believe in the importance of a caring, and supportive community for all our students and staff.  By openly communicating and problem solving with each other, we encourage healthy relationships.  We wish to promote values and principles that validate the experiences and needs of everyone within the community. 

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When can a Platt community member fill out a community connection form?

If you feel like you are not being heard or having difficulty in school and need a non-judgmental place to be heard, fill out the Community Concern Form

Use the form when:

·      There is a communication breakdown between yourself and someone else in the Platt community (student, teacher, staff member) and would like to mediate/discuss the issue

·     Feeling frustrated with a member of the Platt community (student, teacher, staff member) and would like to express your frustration respectively

·     Having a conflict with a peer and would like to resolve the issue through mediation