Orville H. Platt High School

Health Education Rules

Health Education meets every day for one semester. You are expected to attend every class and work to the best of your ability. If you are absent from class, unexcused, for more than 6 days, you will not receive credit for the course and must take health again the following year even if you earned a passing grade. You MUST PASS health education in order to graduate from Platt High School.

  1. You must be in your seat, QUIET AND PREPARED TO WORK when the bell rings. Any student not in his/her seat is tardy, must then serve a detention and/or will lose points for that class. At the end of the period the teacher, NOT THE BELL, will dismiss the class. You will remain in your seat until dismissed and will not line up at the door.
  2. You are not allowed to sign out to go to another class. This is a required class for graduation. You are expected to attend and participate.
  3. Do not cut my class. You will lose full credit for the class and will not be able to make up the work for credit. You will also receive a referral to the office and/or detention.
  4. You will have assigned seats.
  5. You are to come to class prepared with a pencil/pen and the booklet that will be given to you. Desks are to be cleared except for the health booklet. Do not ask me for something to write with. You will lose credit when you are not prepared for class.
  6. Grades will be posted weekly so you will be able to check your progress. If you have an excused absence, missed assignments must be made up by the end of the week. It is your responsibility to find out what has taken place in class and what assignments you may owe. (an excused absence is being on the attendance list or a field trip, for example). Remember, the posted grades are for written work only. Punctuality, preparation, and behavior grades are not posted.
  7. We will discuss the following areas: Fitness/Nutrition, Personal Awareness, Human Sexuality, Diseases, Substance Abuse. Special help is available before / after school.
  8. Expected personal behavior:
    • No food or beverages in the classroom
    • No electronic devices of any kind
    • No writing notes or passing notes in class
    • No combing hair / putting on makeup, lotion etc.
    • No foul language / disruptive behavior
    • No street talk / slang language
    • No littering
    • No writing on the desks. Students who do so will wash the desks.
  9. Your grade is made up of objective test data (tests, quizzes), homework, class work, and attendance/participation. You will lose points for the following:
    • Punctuality (not being on time)
    • Class preparation (not having a pen/pencil, booklet)
    • Not paying attention in class / poor or no involvement in the day’s lesson
    • Irresponsible personal behavior (insubordination or inappropriate comments/behaviors)
    • Irresponsible social behavior (disruptions/talking, bullying)
  10. You are expected to show basic courtesies toward me, any adult and each other. You are given ONE verbal warning. If the offensive behavior continues, you will be asked to leave the room and/or report to the office. You will receive a zero for the day and cannot make up the work for credit.
  11. A final exam will be given at the end of this semester.
    Cheating or suspicion of cheating will result in a grade of zero for all persons involved.
    If you show exceptional work or display exceptional behavior, merits will be earned.