Orville H. Platt High School

Pool Rules

  1. All students are required to change into swim clothes and actively participate in every class: bathing suit or shorts/t-shirt (no sag), towel. You must wear a tank top or a t-shirt over a two-piece bathing suit.
  2. If not participating in class, you still must change into pool or gym clothes. This allows you to make up the class.
  3. When dressed for class, walk out of the pool locker room and sit on the bench at the shallow end of the pool. Do not enter the water until given permission.
  4. If excused for the day, you will sit on the bench at the shallow end of the pool. You are responsible for all material covered that day. It is not a study hall. No student shall sit in the bleachers.
  5. No shoes are allowed on the pool deck. No food, drink, gum chewing, CD players, or electronic devices are allowed in the pool area or locker rooms.
  6. No one is allowed out of the pool area once he/she has entered. Take care of your needs before you enter the class. The hallway doors to the locker rooms will be locked at the late bell.
  7. All valuables are your responsibility. The school is not responsible for stolen property.
  8. When in the water, go to the side of the pool immediately if you feel weak or tired.
  9. Be aware of the pool slope and the line that separates the deep end from the shallow end.
  10. Do not dive into the water from the shallow half of the pool.
  11. Non-swimmers/beginners always stay in shallow water. Check the ‘Seven Levels of Swimming’ chart on the bulletin board to develop an individual program.
  12. Diving boards are to be used only when given permission by the instructor. Perform only those dives you know how to do.
  13. No fooling around! We do not want to create a dangerous situation: no throwing objects into the pool, no pushing anyone into the pool, no running or rough play on the deck.
  14. A whistle means stop activity and pay attention to the instructor.
  15. Do not move/use the rescue equipment. Do not enter the pool offices.
  16. The teacher will signal when it is time to go into the locker room at the end of the class. Students not dressed/participating will also remain seated until dismissed by the teacher. At the end of class, do not wait in the outside hallway without teacher supervision.
  17. Put away all equipment you may have used. Do not leave equipment in the water or on the deck.
  18. Reminder – Classes must be made up within one week. Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero for that class. Pool makeup day is every Thursday and by special arrangements with the instructor.
  19. Your grade is made up of daily work and tests. The tests can be written or skill tests. You can earn up to ten points per day if you are changed into pool clothes. If you do not change into pool clothes, you receive zero points for the day. Deductions are as follows:
    2 points – incomplete warm up
    2 points – not wearing appropriate pool attire
    2 points – irresponsible personal behavior/poor sportsmanship
    2 points – poor or no safety awareness
    2 points – poor or no activity involvement/skill
    Any points deducted for improper actions during a class cannot be made up.
  20. Pool locker room safety:
    1. The floors are slippery. Never run or walk fast on them.
    2. Do not operate any electrical appliance while wet.
    3. No glass containers allowed.
    4. Report any injuries immediately to the teacher.

Emergency Action Plan:

Shout for help, all out of the pool, get medical help (dial nurse at 117 or dial 911), assist the teacher.