Orville H. Platt High School

Counselor Assignments

If you would like to sign up to see your school counselor you will need to schedule an appointment


School Counselors
Mr. Marc Guidone A (Grades 9-12)  Ext. 7502
Mrs. Sheena Ojeda B-Ma (Grades 9 & 11), Grade 10 Team  Ext. 7504
Mrs. Kristin Mona B-Ma (Grades 10 & 12) Ext. 7503
Mr. Brian Frederick Mc-Z (Grades 9 & 11), Grade 10 Team Ext. 7505
Mrs. Jennifer Melnik Mc-Z (Grades 10 & 12) Ext. 7508
Mr. Michael Strumski Grade 9 Team Elite--Transition Specialist Ext. 7506
Ms. Marisa LaPlante Grade 9 Team GOAT--Transition Specialist Ext. 7507
Mr. Jamie Besnoff School Counseling Intern  

School Psychologist, Social Worker, Transition Coordinator, Student Assistance Coordinator and College & Career Coordinator
Mrs. Michelle Dwyer School Psychologist Ext. 7510
Mrs. Margaret Borelli Social Worker Ext. 7509
Mrs. Debbie Kohan Transition Coordinator  (203) 213-6024
Mrs. Abby Marcantonio College and Career Coordinator Ext. 7405

School Counseling Support Staff
Ms. Marissa Scarfo, Secretary Ext. 7709
Mrs. Debra Leaverton, Clerk Ext. 7511
Mrs. Allison Barillaro, Clerk Ext. 7708

Administrator Assignments
Mrs. Peter Civitello 9th grade Ext. 7703
Mr. Geoffrey Kenyon 10th and 11th grade Ext. 7702
Mr. Daniel Corsetti 12th grade Ext. 7701