Orville H. Platt High School

Lessons & Activities

Throughout the year, the school counseling department is involved with academic, personal/social, and post-secondary activities that are developmentally appropriate for students. Listed below are ones that may be used for each grade.

Grade 9

  • Classroom Activity: Introduction to Naviance (including the Career Key Assessment)
  • Classroom Activity: Career Jeopardy!
  • Classroom Activity: What is a High School Transcript?
  • Academic Planning

Grade 10

  • Classroom Activity: Naviance Personality/Career Assessment
  • Classroom Activity: College Bingo & Virtual College Visits
  • Academic Planning

Grade 11

  • Classroom Activity: College Match
  • Small Group Meetings for Post-High School Planning
  • Individual Academic and Post-High School Planning Meetings

Grade 12

  • Small Group Meetings for Continued Post-High School Planning
  • Individual Meetings 
  • Classroom Activity: Senior Survey